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Located in Los Angeles, Medical Center was based on the lives of Doctors as well as patients. Dr. Paul Lochner was the chief of staff, Dr. Joe Gannon was the professor of surgery and a close colleague to Dr. Lochner. At the time Medical Center was the longest running Medical drama in the history of prime time.

Actors: Jayne Meadows, Virginia Hawkins, Audrey Totter, Barbara Baldavin, Chris Hutson, Daniel Silver, Connie Camacho, Catherine Ferrar, Ed Hall, James Daly, Jane Dulo, Fred Holliday, Eugene Peterson, Chad Everett, Louise Fitch, Martin E. Brooks
Genre: Drama
Season 1
    Episode 2: Victim  
    Episode 9: Jeopardy  
    Episode 16: Runaway  
Season 2
    Episode 3: Junkie  
    Episode 12: Accused  
    Episode 13: Crisis  
Season 3
    Episode 9: Martyr  
    Episode 18: Terror  
    Episode 19: Secret  
Season 4
    Episode 6: Betrayed  
    Episode 22: Impact  
    Episode 24: Vortex  
Season 5
    Episode 4: Impasse  
    Episode 19: Spectre  
    Episode 23: Hexed  
Season 6
    Episode 2: Demi-God  
    Episode 12: Midwife  
    Episode 24: Ripoff  
Season 7
    Episode 3: Torment  
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