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What is Brats of the Lost Nebula about?
When the world-destroying alien army The Shock invaded the home planet of young brother-sister duo Zadam and Triply, the youngsters' parents scuttled them off to the relative safety of the Lost Nebula. The kids landed on a living Planetoid and discovered three other homeless youths: Ryle, blue-skinned and a fierce competitor; Lavana, a fairy-winged mage; and Duncan, a musclebound tinkerer. The group banded together to fight The Shock as the Brats of the Lost Nebula. <B>NOTE:Of the 13 episodes of Brats of the Lost Nebula, only the first three ended up airing on kids' WB. The last 10 episodes then debuted on the Canadian channel YTV.

Actors: Kirby Morrow, Glen Cross, Evan Sabba, Annick Obonsawin, Deborah Odell

Season 1 of Brats of the Lost Nebula

    Episode 11: Faith  
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