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Watch Spawn online: Episode 5 Death Blow

Jason Wynn is spooked. Some outside force is tampering with his business. He tells Merrick to hire agents outside the agency to track Terry Fitzgerald. Merrick wants to do it herself, but Wynn refuses. Things are getting too close for comfort. He wants to keep the dirty work separate. Merrick begrudgingly agrees to follow the bosses orders. Washington Post reporter LISA WU has stumbled onto story of her life, maybe the story of the decade when she began investing the death of two reporters murdered in Rat City. Her investigation leads her to Senator McMillian, Billy Kincaid and then, strangely to Wanda Blake and her daughter Cyan, Billy's last victim who was rescued. Is there a connection between all of these parties? Lisa intends to find out and she will start with Wanda Blake, and the alley. She manages to bribe some of the inhabitants of the alley and discovers Spawn's hidden weapons, and gets a hot tip on someone named Al. The police are in an uproar. Too many bodies are showing

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