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It's about time the good guys started wearing white again! From ABC: "Medicine could be a lucrative business if it weren't for all those sick people."
So goes the motto of the mega-sized, mega-frugal HMO that runs Mission General Hospital in San Francisco, where two renegade doctors bend the rules and find the loopholes in a constant quest to treat their patients. Together, they practice medicine with a take-no-prisoners attitude and don't-take-no-for- an-answer tactics. (Simulcast in HDTV) Unfortunately, ABC cancelled the show... but it was great while it lasted!!

Actors: Jane Lynch, John Hannah, William Fichtner, Leslie Stefanson, Greg Cipes, Michaela Conlin, Robert Joy, Aunjanue Ellis
Season 1
    Episode 6: R.I.P.  
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