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Three Friends and Jerry is a hilarious series about four ten-year-old boys who are trying really hard to grow up. Jerry is the new guy in town. He is very innovative in his attempts to be accepted by the local gang, "The Three Friends"; Frank, Thomas, and Eric. Jerry's dad is the new PE teacher at the big school. He crushes children' heads with medicine balls, at least that's what everyone has heard. The teenage years may be beckoning, but life for these guys is still really about dares, wild exaggerations, showing off, and how many gears your bike has got. It's tough being ten! Created by Mangus Carlsson, 3 Friends and Jerry is a Happy Life and TV Loonland production.

Actors: Andrea Libman, Moneca Stori, Mark Camacho, Doug Rand, Thea White, John Leguizamo, Tara Strong, Trey Parker, Scott McNeil, Jeff Bennett, Billy West, Ian James Corlett
Season 1
    Episode 13: Fashion  
Season 2
    Episode 11: Cowboys  
    Episode 13: Camping  
Season 3
    Episode 6: Hackers  
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