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Where to watch Eden (1992)
The show centers around the Sinclairs. The Sinclairs, Grant, Josh and Eve owned the resort called Eden. Grant (Jeff Griggs) and Josh (Steve Chase) are brothers, and Eve (Barbara Alyn Woods) was married to Grant before Grant's death by boating accident. Grant's will requires Eve to remarry within two years of his death (and those two years are almost up). Staff: Randi Banks (Darcy DeMoss) is the fitness trainer, BD Thomas (Jack Armstrong) is the scuba instructor. Dean Scofield plays the character Paul Murdock. Murdock is/was the best friend of Grant Sinclair, and current friend of Eve. Scofield also appeared as Fred on the television show Archie Bunker's Place (1979-1980). Eden's Complete Series DVD outer box notes that there were 26 episodes. The DVD's contained within the box contain six long episodes (Eden 1 - Eden 6). Conceivably, the rather long Eden episodes were originally broken down into 26 episodes, but no break is obvious in the current versions.

Actors: Barbara Alyn Woods, Jeff Griggs, Steve Chase, Jack Armstrong, Dean Scofield, Darcy DeMoss
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Season 1
    Episode 1: Eden 1  
    Episode 2: Eden 2  
    Episode 3: Eden 3  
    Episode 4: Eden 4  
    Episode 5: Eden 5  
    Episode 6: Eden 6  
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