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What is Zoom about?
Welcome to the Zoom guide at TV Tome. Originally shown in the 70s the Emmy award winning show is back!! ZOOM is a show targeted at ages 6-11 but many people older than that watch it too! The show makes ZOOM-dos, CafeZooms, Znacks, ZOOMsci's, and more that you can do at home! They are time friendly and kid friendly! Many people watch the show because it is made by kids and for kids. Being shown on PBS (Public Broadcasting Service), the show is nonviolent and is played without commercial interruption. ZOOM is nominated every year for Daytime Emmy Awards, but, unfortunately, they haven't brought any Emmy's back home. The show encourages kids everyday to turn off the t.v. and do the things they do on ZOOM. ZOOM also has a segment called "ZOOM Into Action" where everyday kids volunteer to help the needy, elderly, and their community. this season, Zoom will venture ou the studio and do more "outdoor activities" ZOOM gets thousands of letters for the show each week. ZOOM

Actors: Caroline Botelho, Mike Hansen, Eric Rollins, Claudio J, Shing Ying Shieh, Kaleigh Cronin, Garrett DiBona, Kenny Yates, Lynese Browder, Ray M, Rachel Redd, Jared Britnage, Kevin Buzz Barret, Pablo Velez, Keiko Yoshida, Kortney, Estuardo, David Toropov, Jared Nathan, Fra

Season 1 of Zoom

    Episode 1: Show 101  
    Episode 3: Show 102  
    Episode 4: Show 103  
    Episode 5: Show 104  
    Episode 6: Show 105  
    Episode 7: Show 106  
    Episode 8: Show 107  
    Episode 9: Show 108  

Season 2 of Zoom

Season 3 of Zoom

Season 5 of Zoom

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