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Welcome to the Young Talent Time guide at TV Tome.
The show had 40 team members from 1971 -1988.
Some team members joined as a result of appearing on it's talent quest component.
the success of Australia's young Talent Time inspired US Producers who had seen the show to produce a 13 episode
New Generation , an American based show, produced in Australia starring certain Talent Time Team Members
with a New US Host-Michael Young. I was screened twice weekly in the US. Europe and Canada.
The producers were aiming for an older show.
New Generation bought back ex team members Beven Addinsall,
Danielle Minogue, Lorena Novoa, and included Vince Del Tito, Natalie
Miller and new team members 16 year old Keith Wiliams from America.
Segments of the show were also shown during Young Talent Time.
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