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Watch Teamo Supremo online: Episode 13 The Return of Technor! / A Monumental Crisis!

The Return of Technor - The Techno-creeps (Techno's henchmen) has escaped from jail and have plotted to revive their leader Technor by finding and empowering the Magna Body. The Magna Body once fully charged, has the ability to find Technor on its own. Once the Magna had enough energy and found the Technor back in level 7, Technor is now off to fully charge himself which will cause the entire state's power supply, which is on the dismay of Skate Lad on the count of he is afraid of the dark. Can Teamo Supremo stop Technor in time before the entire state blacks-out? And will Skate Lad ever conquer his fear of darkness? A Monumental Crisis - After a long field trip around the state for its monuments, the children of Teamo Supremo's class found it boring and un-interesting. Their Tour Guide (Frenchies Stockus), who is obsessed and dedicated her life for the history of the monuments threats that she will do something to make the people (especially the children) to appreciate the monum

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