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Watch Teamo Supremo online: Episode 9 Sounds of the Songstress! / Calling Captain Excellent!

Sounds of Songstress - A new teen idol is in town and her name is Tiffany Javelins (AKA Sally Smith). With her influence, fashion sense and style, she single handedly gets every girl in the state, including Rope Girl, at her command. Everything Tiffany does is ""tifftastic"" according to her followers. Captain Crandall and Skate Lad see through the charade and put an end to the fan-dom mob mentality. Calling Captain Excellent - According to Governor Kevin, in order for a superhero gain rights to be called a real superhero, they have to be evaluated by a real superhero sent by the Planetary Superhero Council. The team's favorite superhero, Captain Excellent has been sent to evaluate them. However, the arrival of Baron Blitz interferes. Now is the chance for Teamo Supremo to prove their worth. Will they be able to pass the evaluation and become full-fledged recognized superheroes?

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