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Welcome to The Sunday Comics guide at TV Tome. Unlike "Comic Strip Primetime", a showcase for standup comics which had preceeded it in this time slot, "The Sunday Comics" was a mix of standup comedy, variety acts, and funny film shorts produced by a group of comics that included Bruce Baum, Gilbert Gotfried, Rich Hall, and Rick Overton. Originating primarilly from the Palace Theatre in Hollywood, with occasional visits to other locations, this series brought viewers such familiar faces as Franklyn Ajaye, Dennis Wolfberg, Carol Leifer, John Mendoza, Jeff Joseph, Paul Provenza, George Wallace, Judy Tenuta, and Wayne Cotter. Jeff Altman, the original host, left at the end of June to star in "Nurses" on NBC and was replaced by Lenny Clarke, whose own sitcom "Lenny" had failed a few months earlier on CBS. When Clarke departed in October, "The Sunday Comics" instituted a policy of using guest hosts. Fox aired edited reruns of "The Sunday Comics" in the spring of 1992. From: The Com
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