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Where to watch Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
Welcome to the Kung Fu: The Legend Continues guide at TV Tome. Kung Fu: The Legend Continues was the continuation of the popular '70s drama Kung Fu. While Kung Fu was set back in the early 1900s, This version is set in modern day. It features David Carradine as Kwai Chang Caine's grandson, also named Kwai Chang Caine who is a Shaolin priest. The show also featured Chris Potter as Peter Caine a police officer. The show usually dealt with mystical shaolin dealings but at times had events such as kidnappings and stopping robbers. The show was sydnicated on the short lived Primetime Entertainment Network. It was filmed in Toronto and Distributed by Warner Bros.

Actors: David Hewlett, Scott Wentworth, David Carradine, Janet-Laine Green, Robert Lansing, Nicole Oliver, John Bourgeois, Robert Nicholson, Victoria Snow, William Dunlop, Kate Trotter, Nathaniel Moreau, Belinda Metz, Kim Chan, Chris Potter, Robert King, Oscar Hsu
Genre: Drama
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    Episode 1: Bloopers  
Season 1
    Episode 7: Pai Gow  
    Episode 9: Disciple  
    Episode 17: Reunion  
    Episode 19: Shaman  
Season 2
    Episode 6: Temple  
    Episode 12: Warlord  
    Episode 16: Kundela  
Season 3
    Episode 2: Plague  
    Episode 5: Manhunt  
    Episode 8: Target  
    Episode 10: Quake!  
    Episode 14: Demons  
    Episode 22: Destiny  
Season 4
    Episode 4: Prism  
    Episode 12: Escape  
    Episode 20: Requiem  
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