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Dave Attell suffers from insomnia, making him the true late night god. He roams the streets of our cities in search of a good time, heck, maybe you'll see him!

Actors: Dave Attell
Genre: Talk Show
Season 1
    Episode 1: New York  
    Episode 3: Miami  
    Episode 6: Houston  
    Episode 7: Tijuiana  
    Episode 9: Memphis  
Season 2
    Episode 1: Chicago  
    Episode 3: Boston  
    Episode 4: Boise  
    Episode 5: Reno  
    Episode 6: Atlanta  
    Episode 7: Phoenix  
    Episode 8: Montreal  
Season 3
    Episode 3: Portland  
    Episode 9: Oakland  
    Episode 10: Toronto  
Season 4
    Episode 2: Columbus  
    Episode 3: Honolulu  
    Episode 4: Dublin  
    Episode 5: Austin  
    Episode 6: Key West  
    Episode 8: London  
    Episode 10: Austin  
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