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Welcome to the Wolf guide at TV Tome. Under Construction Edited by Flarekid (The FK) Tony Wolf, a San Francisco cop, is framed on a drug charge by the criminals he has been pursuing. Thrown off the force, he gets a job as a private detective working for the attorney, Dylan Elliott, who led the fight to have him thrown off the force. Dylan came to believe that Tony had been framed and attempts to help him prove his innocence. Tony lives with his father, Sal, on a boat that always needs repairs, and spends most of his free time with Connie, his girlfriend. Though pretty popular, Taken off of the air so other shows could air. In 1993, there was a possibilitie of it coming back, but that's all gone now

Actors: Mimi Kuzyk, Nicolas Surovy, Joseph Sirola, Jack Scalia, J. C. Brandy, Judith Hoag

Season 1 of Wolf

    Episode 2: Danny  
    Episode 8: Betrayal  
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