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What is Droopy: Master Detective about?
In the world of private eyes, it's the cool guys, the low-key joes that always get their men. And no character, fictional or otherwise, was ever more low-key than Droopy (unless, of course, they were dead). Those hanging jowls, that muttering voiceThis pooch was born to be a P.I. In 1993, he finally got his chance, headlining his first Saturday morning cartoon series, Droopy, Master Detective. Created by the legendary Tex Avery, Droopy had been part of MGM's theatrical cartoon lineup since 1943. After decades in the business, the dog came to television as part of 1979's The Tom and Jerry Show, but he was only a supporting player. 1990's Tom and Jerry Kids gave Droopy a regular segment, as well as a new sidekicka lookalike son named Dripple. Seeing that the old dog still had a few tricks left, Hanna-Barbera cast Droopy and Dripple as 1940's-style detectives, with all the film noir trappings. A spoof of detective films and cop shows, Droopy, Master Detective stuck the two d

Season 1 of Droopy: Master Detective

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