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Welcome to the SCTV Channel guide at TV Tome. This show was spun off from "SCTV Network 90" which was cancelled after two seasons on NBC. The same cast from 1982-83, with the exception of John Candy, appears on this 45-minute sketch comedy series. It all starts when "SCTV" mastermind Guy Cabellaro announces that he's turning his station into a pay cable channel. The results are amusing, as the same manic humor and wacky characters that made the old SCTV Network so great continued to thrive. Unfortunately, the show was too expensive to produce for Cinemax's tastes and it was cancelled after one year.

Actors: Joe Flaherty, Martin Short, Mike Short, Mary Charlotte Wilcox, John Hemphill, Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin
Genre: Comedy
Season 1
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