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What is Rideau Hall about?
Rideau Hall Starring Bette MacDonald, Fiona Reid & Jonathan Torrens A one-hit-wonder Disco Queen - in a moment of mental abstraction and political madness becomes Governor General of Canada. Wild, wicked and sometimes just plain daft, Rideau Hall tracks the missteps, misalliances and mayhem that lay in the wake of one desperately needy woman set loose on Parliament Hill. Brash, over-the-top Regina Gallant, has thrown the Vice-Regal mantel over her sequined lycra blouse and is reaching, one last time, for her place in the firmament. In a world of ignorance, blind ambition and unabashed ego the nation's capital - it sometimes takes an (former) international superstar to give folks a little perspective. Or at least, cause for pause. Politics at the dawning of the twenty-first century have taught that the media make the message, personality triumphs over vision and fame is as addictive as sex, drugs, alcohol and Hagen-Dazs (and frequently

Actors: Ellen Page, Rejean Cournoyer, Joe Dinicol, Jonathan Torrens, Fiona Reid, Bette MacDonald, Barry Flatman

Season 1 of Rideau Hall

    Episode 1: Pilot  
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