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Watch Robot Wars Extreme Warriors online: Episode 8 US Qualifiers 8

Stefan opens the show by noting that Destructive Criticism was the winner of the previous Qualifier and that whoever wins this one claims the last spot in the Championships. Mick notes the same and then turns the chatter over to Pit Reporter Carol Grow who says that ""the pressure is on."" We're shown the battleboard and then treated to shots of each of the different House Robots used in the game, including Sir Killalot, ""the Big Daddy of 'em all."" Carol talks with Team Tico, with their robot Xylon, then with Team Tyranabot, who she wishes luck. Finally, there's Buzz. Carol notes that Buzz's lifting arm lifts in a different direction from the lifting arms seen on past robots in the series. Robots In This Episode: Buzz From: Beaverton, Oregon Weight: 189 Lbs Dimensions: 8' X 39' X 21' Power: 2 X 24V Electric Motors Weapons: Pneumatic Flipper & Drum Strengths: Powerful Weapons Weaknesses: Comparatively Light Team Buzz Team Captain: Joseph Murawski Tyranabot From: Flint,

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