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Watch Robot Wars Extreme Warriors online: Episode 7 The Robot Wars World Championship

Robots In This Episode: Manta From: USA Weight: 185 Lbs Dimensions: 44' X 37' X 13' Power: 24v Motors Weapons: Spinning Steel Blade Strengths: Very Fast and Powerful Weaknesses: Effectiveness of Weapon Team Captain: Jeff Cesnik With: Billy Boden and Chris Tyson Chaos 2 From: UK Weight: 183 Lbs Dimensions: 36' X 28' X 15' Power: 24v Electric Motor Weapons: Pneumatic Powered Flipper Strengths: Reigning UK Champion Weaknesses: Limited CO2 Supply Team Captain: George Francis With: Ian and Richard Swann Mastiff From: Italy Weight: 187 Lbs Dimensions: 33' X 45' X 26' Power: 24v Electric Motor Weapons: Pneumatic Lifter Strengths: Fast Weaknesses: No Self-righting Mechanism Team Captain: Tiziano Rovello With: Luca Rovella and Gabriella Formica Ansgar From: Germany Weight: 163 Lbs Dimensions: 30' X 30' X 14' Power: 12v Electric Motor Weapons: Lever and Lance Strengths: Low Ground Clearance Weaknesses: Speed and Maneuverablilit

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