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Watch Robot Wars Extreme Warriors online: Episode 2 The Annihilator

Robots In This Episode: Drillzilla From: San Jose, California Weight: 352 Lbs Dimensions: 43' X 38' X 7' Power: 4 X Electric Motors Weapons: Drill and steel jaws Strengths: Good weight advantage Weaknesses: Poor destructive capability Team Captain: David Hall With: Bruce Hall and Chris Kallai Rippa Raptor From: Chandler, Arizona Weight: 217 Lbs Dimensions: 53' X 23' X 28' Power: 24v Electric Motor Weapons: Demolition spinners Strengths: Good control Weaknesses: Open interior Team Raptor Team Captain: Robert Pitzer With: Kelly Walterscheid and Robert Wilkinson Conquering Clown From: Silvis, Illinois Weight: 200 Lbs Dimensions: 41' X 35' X 40' Power: Electric Motor Weapons: Hammers and wedge Strengths: Maneuverability Weaknesses: Poor durability Team Conquering Clown Team Captain: Mike Flanagan With: Melissa and David Manary Red Virus From: Lakewood, California Weight: 200 Lbs Dimensions: 48' X 28' X 33' Power: 2 X Electr

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