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Watch Robot Wars Extreme Warriors online: Episode 1 Robot Rebellion

Robots In This Episode: Silver Box From: Redondo Beach, California Weight: 174 Lbs Dimensions: 40' X 28' X 15' Power: 2 X Electric Motors Weapons: Lethal Rotating Disc Strengths: Heavily Armored Weaknesses: Proven Unreliability Team Vicious Team Captain: Mike Regan With: Ronn Holmes Close Enough From: Omaha, Nebraska Weight: 220 Lbs Dimensions: 47' X 53' X 10' Power: 2 X Cycle Gas Motors Weapons: Ramming Teeth Strengths: Low Ground Clearance Weaknesses: Poor Weaponry Team Critter Team Captain: David Gilson With: Elwin McKernan and Brenda Gilson The Green House From: Texas Weight: 180 Lbs Dimensions: 35' X 28' X 20' Power: 2 X Electric Motors Weapons: Pneumatic Lifter Strengths: Highly Maneuverable Weaknesses: Unable to Self-right Team Bot Head Team Captain: Jim Moulton With: David and Kristy Simmons Tut Tut From: Chandler, Arizona Weight: 206 Lbs Dimensions: 40' X 40' X 26' Power: 2 X Electric Motors Weapons: Pneuma

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