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Welcome to the Matt Lincoln guide at TV Tome. Matt Lincoln was a Los Angeles psychiatrist practicing "preventive psychiatry"struggling to assist people in the early stages of emotional distress in order to avoid further, more complicated treatment. Each episode's title is the first name of that episode's patient.

Actors: June Harding, Chelsea Brown, Michael Larrain, Vince Edwards, Felton Perry
Season 1
    Episode : Charles  
    Episode : Nina  
    Episode : Steve  
    Episode : Jilly  
    Episode : Lori  
    Episode : Doc  
    Episode : Angie  
    Episode : Yumiko  
    Episode : Jimmy  
    Episode 1: Sheila  
    Episode 6: Nick  
    Episode 12: Billy  
    Episode 13: Lia  
    Episode 14: Adam  
    Episode 16: Karen  
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