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Welcome to the Ink guide at TV Tome. Journalists Kate Montgomery and Mike Logan married three months after meeting on the White House lawn. Although the marriage didn't last, there are two common threads between themtheir 15-year-old daughter Abby and their all-consuming adoration of the newspaper ink that rubs off on their fingers. While Mike has become one of New York's larger-than-life journalists, Kate's hard-nosed reporting from around the world has earned her an impressive reputation. When Kate accepts a job offer that's just too good to pass up, she becomes the first female managing editor of the <em>New York Sun</em>and she's now Mike's boss as well. Her staff also includes no-nonsense, seen-it-all police reporter Ernie Trainor; intense and somewhat neurotic financial reporter Alan Mesnick; "On the Town" columnist Belinda Carhardt, who has a few miles on her; and the newsroom's jaded and judgmental editorial assistant Donna French, who manages to remain ultra

Actors: Mary Steenburgen, Alana Austin, Saul Rubinek, Christine Ebersole, Christine Embersole, Charles Robinson, Ted Danson, Jenica Bergere
Season 1
    Episode 23: Smudged  
    Episode 26: Philip  
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