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What is ALF Tales about?
Because of the big success of the TV show "ALF", the producers decieded in 1988 to create two animated ALF series. One is just called "ALF" and it's about ALF's time on Melmac and the other one is called "ALF Tales", and that's the one this page is about. While the "real" ALF always appeares in the More beginning of each ALF animated episode to give a little introduction to his memories, ALF tales consists completely of animated scenes, there's no real life part in it. Spinoff of: ALF

Actors: Paul Fusco, Dan Hennessey, Thick Wilson, Marla Lukofsky, Peggy Mahon, Paulina Gillis, John Stocker, Rob Cowan, Harvey Atkin, Don Francks, Noam Zylberman

Season 1 of ALF Tales

    Episode 7: Rapunzel  

Season 2 of ALF Tales

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