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Watch Road Rules online: Episode 6 A Coming Home

South Africa: here comes the motherland. Ayanna bears the weight of generations on her shoulders to represent her people. She feels that she isn't ""African enough"" and will be rejected by the people of Africa. Finally, she realizes she is indeed ""home"" in Africa. As Shawn nears South Africa, he changes from a playful, carefree man, unaware of his ancestral significance, to a very aware black man stepping into an Afrikaner home. Their mission is to learn about South African culture from 3 different perspectives: Black, Muslim, and Afrikaner. The Rulers split up into 3 groups of 2 and spend the night with these diverse families. After experiencing South African lifestyle firsthand, they return to the ship and present their information to their classmates. Yes questions, ""How are we going to put these feelings into words?"" Stayed tuned next week to find out what happens in this heartwarming two-part episode. from

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