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Gloria decides to leave the commune, where her, Michael and Joey have been living. Since the commune is only for couples, Gloria decides to move to Upstate New York. Gloria decides to start a new life with her son, Joey, while working as a veterinarian's assistant at Fox Ridge. The veterinarian, Dr. William Adams, is a crusty-but-lovable older man, who befriends Joey. Dr. Adams is a big kid at heart. His business partner, Dr. Maggie Lawrence is a bitchy-but-understanding middle-aged woman who is always getting into it with Dr. Adams, Gloria, as well as others. The other veterinary assistant, Clark V. Uhley, Jr., is a sex-crazed mania, who also befriends Joey, and educates him on more than he needs to know about the opposite sex. Spinoffs of: Archie Bunker's Place CBS Broadcast History September 26, 1982 - September 21, 1983 | Sunday 8:30PM Nielsen Ratings: #19 1982-1983 Season Awards for Gloria: Christian Jacobs was nominated for a Young

Actors: Sally Struthers, Christian Jacobs, Burgess Meredith, Lou Richards, Jo de Winter
Season 1
    Episode : Episode 1  
    Episode : Episode 2  
    Episode : Episode 3  
    Episode : Episode 4  
    Episode : Episode 5  
    Episode : Episode 6  
    Episode : Episode 7  
    Episode : Episode 8  
    Episode : Episode 9  
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