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Mon Colle Knights features Mondo, a guy wearing a goofy costume. Together with his friend Rockna and her scientist dad, Professor Hiragi, they jump into the Utopian Eagle and zoom off to an outrageous monster-filled place called Mon World. And while they're there, Mondo & Rockna merge with monsters, deal with tin chickens, and fight the evil Prince Eccentro! Their mission: collect all six Monster Items that will bring together their world and Mon World into universal peace. Eccentro's plan: zap monsters and make them evil, steal the six Monster Items, and rule over BOTH worlds. Additional Info This show was created by Studio Deen, with the English adaptation done by Saban Entertainment.

Actors: Yui Horie, Steve Mackall, Michael Lindsay, Jamieson Price, Melodee Spevack, Kelvin Hoolian, Isl Jaymes, Van Flint, Jayson Phillips, Debbie Rothstein, Tifanie Christun, Daran Norris, Kirk Thornton, R. Martin Klein, Joe Ochman, Philece Sampler, Brian Donovan, Derek Steph
Genre: Animation
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
    Episode 1: tba  
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