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Ostensibly, Reading Rainbow was created to motivate children to read. But it was much more. The show was hosted by Levar Burton on location to introduce many fields. Reading Rainbow began as a magazine format in 1983, when magazine shows were at their peak. True to form, this was Reading Rainbow's best period. It was nominated for a prime-time Emmy in 1985, based on its premise to involve students in carefully selected literature, among other things. For 20 years, Great Plains National (GPN) was at the forefront of instructional television. They had several talented personnel who pioneered the ITV field in many ways. Then, in 1982, Twila C. Liggett oversaw the creation of the one series more associated with GPN than any other. Ironically, that series would became the principal force that would end the ITV industry. Reading Rainbow has been a double-edged sword ever since. As the 1980s dwindled down and hopes of a brighter future dimmed proportionately, Reading Rain

Actors: LeVar Burton, Tina Fabrik
Genre: Kids
Season 1 (watch here)
Season 2
Season 3
    Episode 8: Feelings  
Season 4 (watch here)
    Episode : Feelings  
    Episode 5: Abiyoyo  
Season 5
    Episode 2: Bugs  
    Episode 4: Brush  
Season 6
    Episode : Bugs  
    Episode : Brush  
Season 7 (watch here)
    Episode 9: Galimoto  
Season 8
    Episode 7: The Wall  
Season 9
    Episode : Galimoto  
Season 10
    Episode : Tar Beach  
    Episode : The Wall  
Season 11
Season 12 (watch here)
    Episode : Summer  
    Episode : My Shadow  
    Episode 8: Hip Cat  
Season 13
    Episode 5: Worksong  
Season 14
    Episode : Owen  
    Episode 8: Max  
Season 15
    Episode 4: Beegu  
Season 16 (watch here)
    Episode : Hip Cat  
Season 17
    Episode : Worksong  
Season 18
Season 19
    Episode : Max  
    Episode : Enemy Pie  
Season 20
    Episode : Beegu  
Season 21
    Episode 4: Game Day  
    Episode 5: Show Way  
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