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Watch Maggie and the Ferocious Beast online: Episode 3 Just a Little Off the Top / Little Pig Lost / The Cecil Bunions Detective Agency

Just a Little Off the Top: Maggie brings a whole load of barbershop items, and she clips hair and buff nails. When Rudy and Nedley arrive to complete a foursome with Beast and Hamilton, a barbershop quartet is formed, complete with the works. Little Pig Lost: While blowing up some balloons, Hamilton gets pulled up into the sky. Maggie and Beast become concerned when they can't find him. A fretful and teary Hamilton realizes that he's lost, but he then comes up with a way to signal Maggie and Beast, and everyone is happily brought back together. The Cecil Bunions Detective Agency: When the Cecil Bunions Detective badges finally arrive in via mail, Maggie, Hamilton and Beast go out to figure out some elusive mysteries.

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