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Watch Maggie and the Ferocious Beast online: Episode 9 Flim-Flam-A Fiddle/A Beastly Garden/Spring Cleaning

Flim-Flam-A Fiddle: The Beast always wins at checkers, Hamilton always wins at croquet, and it's making them argue. Maggie suggests they play a brand new game she's made up called Flim-Flam-a-Fiddle. This game involves jumping, crawling, somersaulting and lots of shouting - and best of all there are no winners and no losers! A Beastly Garden: When Maggie brings a watermelon to Nowhere Land, the Beast decides to plant the seeds and grow his very own watery-melon garden. The Beast tends his garden carefully, watering it and watching over it day and night. Soon his efforts are rewarded with three nice big watermelons - one for each. Spring Cleaning: Hamilton is doing his spring cleaning, which he says is the most fun thing to do on a spring day. The Beast tries to help out, but ends up making a big mess. Hamilton sends Maggie and the Beast off to clean up the rest of Nowhere Land. This turns out to be a pretty big job, and not much fun at all. Eventually the three friends decide they've

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