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Watch Maggie and the Ferocious Beast online: Episode 8 Hamilton's Pet / Slooow Motion / The Big Duck

Hamilton's Pet: Hamilton finds a friendly little fish in the River of Dreams and decides to keep him for a pet. He puts Fishy in a baby carriage and takes him for a walk, but Fishy looks very unhappy. Realizing that his pet is homesick, Hamilton decides to take him back to the River and say farewell. Slooow Motion: One day Maggie, Hamilton and the Beast find themselves on a strange beach crowded with turtles. Tired out from playing Follow the Maggie, they decide to play Follow the Turtle for a change. This forces them to sloooooow dooooown, and they start to notice all the little things on the beach that they never noticed before! The Big Duck:Who is that big duck in the River of Dreams, and why is she following Maggie, Hamilton and the Beast? Hamilton and the Beast are a little scared of her, but Maggie makes friends with the Duck and finds out she just wants to give them a ride across the river. The Beast and the Duck have a little swimming race, and Hamilton takes a nap on the Duck'

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