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Watch Maggie and the Ferocious Beast online: Episode 4 Out of Water Beast / Rain Rain Come and Stay / Hamilton the Ham

Out Of Water Beast: It's hot! Very hot! It's even too hot to walk to the beach. Fortunately Hamilton has an inflatable wading pool they can play in, but the Beast is too big to fit into it. How can they all have fun and cool off in the little pool? The solution: the Beast holds the water hose pointing up like a fountain and Maggie and Hamilton use him as a big spotted water slide! Rain Rain Come and Stay: It always rains in the Land of the Umbrella Trees, so the three friends are sure to dress up in their slickers and boots to travel there. While he's splashing around, the Beast loses his beloved red boot in a deep, deep puddle. Time to get out the rods and go boot fishing! Hamilton The Ham: On a trip to Mooville, Maggie, Hamilton and the Beast meet the Moo Sisters, a trio of singing cows. The Moo Sisters think Hamilton has a beautiful voice and egg him on to sing a song. Hamilton is very shy at first, but once he gets going he turns out to be a real ham!

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