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What is Bachelor Father about?
Bachelor Father debuted in the fall of 1957 on CBS and centered around the life of the wealthy attorney and bachelor, Bentley Gregg who lives in Beverly Hills, California. Bentley Gregg lived with his niece, Kelly, whose parents had died in a car accident. He would later legally adopt her as his own. Also living with Bentley and Kelly was Peter Tong, the Oriental houseboy who kept the Gregg household in shape. Jasper was the family dog. The stories often revolved around Bentley's endless goal of finding the right woman to settle down with, as well as Kelly's growing up and going through high school. At the end of the fourth season, Kelly graduated high school and the next season began college. Other recurring characters included, Ginger, Kelly's best friend who had three different last name changes over the years, Howard was Kelly's on-again, off-again boyfriend, who was later replaced by Warren. NOTE: This series has the distinction of having aired on each

Actors: Tina Thompson, Red, Tramp, Ian Carmichael, Evelyn Scott, Noreen Corcoran, Sammee Tong, Bernadette Withers, John Forsythe

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