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What is Jericho (1966) about?
Welcome to the [b]Jericho (1966) guide at TV Tome. The Jericho team were a trio of Allied specialists who operated as intelligence agents and saboteurs behind Nazi lines. Franklin Sheppard, of American Army Intelligence, was their commanding officer and chief planner. Jean-Gaston Andre, of the Free French Air Force, was the team's demolitions and weapons expert. Nicholas Gage, of the British Navy, was a former circus performer (high-wire artist) whose specialty was getting in and out of Nazi installations. This Show was created by CBS because after the successful 5 Season World War II tv Show Combat! that ran from 1962-1967 which Aired on ABC Tuesdays Nights 7:30 PM on abc was Canceled because they ran out of money and the show came out in color which took alot of the viewers away.So abc replaced Combat! with "Garrison's Gorillas" the show did great and cbs wanted to make sure that they had a series to compete with it so they created Jericho neather show got be as good as comba

Actors: Marino Masé, John Leyton, Don Francks

Season 1 of Jericho (1966)

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