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Watch All My Children online: Episode 50 Ep. #9062

Jamie ""kidnaps"" Babe and takes her to the apartment he rented for them above the garage where he will be working. Jamie and Babe clear the air about not getting married and agree to re-visit the issue in six months. Tad compares Jamie's love for Babe to his love for Dixie and supports Jamie's desire to be with Babe. JR fires another nanny because she doesn't sing like Dixie did. Adam fears that JR still has feelings for Babe but JR insists otherwise as he voices his desire to deny Babe and Jamie of any happiness whatsoever. Krystal is harassed by the guards and inmates in prison but puts on a brave front when Babe visits. Krystal later loses her temper and demands to know why she is being treated so badly. Ryan and Jonathan go on a stakeout at the boathouse with the hope of catching Braden, but Lily and Aidan's arrival ruins their plan. Greenlee explains to Jack why Ryan is determined to bring Braden in on his own. Greenlee compares her ordeal with Ryan to Jack's past with Erica and is

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