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Where to watch Jason of Star Command
"Jason Of Star Command" was a segment of "Tarzan And The Super 7." (Originally called "The Batman/Tarzan Adventure Hour" and later called "Batman And The Super 7") The story of the show is this: Hidden away on the same base as Space Academy, Jason and his various partners (Nicole, Parsafoot and Samantha) and his pocket-sized robot, Wiki work as agents for Star Command, a secret organization whose mission is to combat evil. Dragos, Jason's main adversary, intends to rule the galaxy and it is up to Jason and the Star Command gang to stop him.

Actors: James Doohan, Tamara Dobson, John Russell, Charlie Dell, Sid Haig, Susan Pratt, Craig Littler
Genre: Action and Adventure, Science-Fiction
Season 1
Season 2
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