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Watch Henderson Kids online: Episode 23 The Show must go on (Part 1)

Cowboy start's work at the bank and Char realises things are never going to be the same again. Brains is told that it is time he found some friends his own age now that the gang was finished, he is heartbroken. Cowboy's work mates take him for a drink to celebrate his first day and he misses the bus, making him late for the Haven bay Show meeting, he bumps into someone and on appologising realises it's Wal, Wal makes a hasty exit. In order to get people to sign up support for the Haven Bay Show Brains gives aways Cowboy's kisses, Char is furious. Cowboy tells Steve that he has seen Wal and he hasn't left town like they thought. Steve finds Wal who tells him he only agreed to Wheeler paying for his flight and he isn't working for Wheeler. Char charges into the bank and publically dumps Cowboy or Colin as he is now called, when he pulls out of the parade. Tam is shocked to see Steve pull up at the school gate's in Wal's car, she walks away but Steve convinces her to talk to

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