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Watch Henderson Kids online: Episode 22 As The Worm Turns (Part 2)

Steve recieves the letter from the museam and is disappointed that the markings are fake, he tells Andy who says nobody had been near the cave because he was there all the time. Steve phones the museam where Mrs Phelps abruptly hangs up on him for wasting her time. Tam goes to see Cowboys dad to reason with him, only he says Cowboy has to stand on his own two feet. Mike and Wal contiue to fight infront of Steve and Tam and Steve blows up at Mike. Char gets Cowboy a job on fishing on her dad's boat, only he makes a fool out of himself and gets sea sick. Wheeler threatens Wal when he tries to pull out of ripping off Tam and Steve. Mike and Pat finally announce their engagement to everyone and Tam and Steve are thrilled. Steve goes to the museam to confront Mrs Phelps and when she realises he is the real Steve Henderson, they work out what Rutt did, Steve and Mike think they have finally got Wheeler. Cowboy applies for a job in the bank, he marches in telling them that the

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