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Watch Henderson Kids online: Episode 20 Working for Wheeler (Part 2)

Wal gives Tam and Steve presents for Ted as he is leaving and Steve is gutted. The gang throw a surprise party for Ted which is a flop because he can't stay. Steve is furious with Wheeler as his best friend is forced to leave Haven Bay for good, they all give Ted presents which Tam puts in a bag for Ted to open later, then say a tearful goodbye. Sylvia comes back but Steve finds it difficult to be around her after what her father has done. Wal invites Sylvia for tea and comments on how they don't have very much in common. Steve spends the whole of the dinner mouthing off about Wheeler and Sylvia tells him despite everything she still loves her father, they agree to just be friends and Sylvia gives him back the necklace he gave her. Steve talks things over with Wal instead of Mike and it upsets Mike. Wal goes on a mystery drive and avoids Mike and the kids claiming he didn't see them, mike is suspicious. Mike later questions wal who admits he is broke, they have an argum

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