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Watch Henderson Kids online: Episode 16 Open Night (Part 2)

Tam tries to befriend Trevor getting some stick herself in the process. Sylvia finds out Steve was at the Wheeler's when Ashley show's her his shoe, she takes it back to Steve and admits he was right. Steve and Sylvia take her dog Janey for a walk and lose her, while looking Sylvia almost falls down a large hole, Steve save's her but they can both hear Janey down there. Tam takes Trevor to meet the others and they give him a hard time, he is about to leave when Steve comes rushing in about the dog and they all go to help. Trevor and Tam stay by the hole as the others go off to get equipment, Trevor suddenly decides to go down and get the dog despite his fears, the ladder is broken near the bottom and he falls, but he still manages to save the dog and finds another way out, as Janey runs back round Tam begins climbing down the ladder to see if Trevor is alright and the others arrive back and think Tam rescued the dog, despite Tam's protests and Trevor is left alone again. Sylv

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