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Watch Henderson Kids online: Episode 14 All That Glitters (Part 2)

Steve tells Tam what he saw on Wheeler's computer and she wants to tell Mike, but Steve needs proof first. Tam and Regina spend the project money. Steve invites the gang to Sylvia's party but Ted doesn't want to go because she is a Wheeler. Steve asks Cowboy for help in how to date girls, so Cowboy sets up a double date in Pat's shop and tells him to copy what he does with Char. Tam and Regina take the others up to the cave, but Andy frightens them off by making ghost noises. Despite watching Cowboy and Char, Steve can't bring himself to make a move on Sylvia. Tam and Regina's friends want their money back or they are going to tell the teacher what they did. As Glynis arrives to pick Sylvia up she and Steve finally kiss. Tam and Regina are the only one's without a project now and are kept after school. At Sylvia's party Wheeler tries once again to buy ""Hendersons Point"" and explodes at Steve when he turns him down, he tells him he can't see Sylvia any more as he is se

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