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Watch Henderson Kids online: Episode 8 Natures Way (Part 2)

When Ted is hit by a tomato by one of the protesters he enlists Brains's help to get revenge on the rain forrest protesters by pulling down their tents. Cowboy takes Tam for a ride, where she daydreams about them riding off together. Steve is interviewed on TV at the protest. Tam and Cowboy find out about Glynis's horse and that she has to do something to earn it. Tam is suspicious of Glynis when she denies knowing about the horse and tells Steve. Steve enlists the others to help set Glynis Wheeeler up at the dance. While Cowboy keeps mike busy, Steve spills a drink on Glynis and when she goes to clean up, the other kids lock her in the toilet and question her. Wheeler arrives at the dance and announces the closure of the Mill, the rain forrest protesters are thrilled, but Ted isn't. Glynis escapes the toilet and lands in a pile of mud, she storms back into the dance telling her father he can get his precious ""Henderson's Point"" some other way, when Mike tries to comfor

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