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Watch Henderson Kids online: Episode 3 Trouble at the Mill (Part 1)

Hanging on for sheer life, Ted and Steve are helped by Cowboy while Char, Tam and Brains cling onto him. Afterwards Steve and Cowboy call a truce but Ted isn't so easy. Mike has another shock for the kids, he's enrolled them in school, the first day gets off to a great start when Ted and Steve have a fight before registration,and Tam finds her favourite spot on the net ball team taken by the popular Regina Powell. Head teacher Mr Barton decides to make Ted and Steve work together on a science project, eventually Steve makes Ted see they are stuck with each other whether they like it or not, he ends up getting an invite to Teds for tea and gets involved in Johnny Morgan and Bill Chisholm's latest protest against Ashley Wheeler, they have holed up at the Mill and are threatening to destroy it unless Wheeler gives then their jobs back. When Steve agrees to help get food to them despite Mike, Ted finally agrees to be friends.

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