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guide at TV Tome. Show Type: Animated
Genre(s): Comedy, Children
Show Status: No longer airing
First Telecast: April 21, 2003
Last Telecast: N/A
Episodes: 58 Color Episodes, 1 TV Movie
Pecola is about a little penguin boy named Pecola living in a port town called "Cube Town," and the everyday life of Pecola and his friends and neighbors, all of whom have unique personalities. Cube Town is a quiet and peaceful town. Well, that is if Pecola isn't getting into trouble again! Pecola is so curious and hyper active that he has trouble staying out of trouble for long. Although he always has the best of intentions, he usually ends up causing trouble of some sort! Pecolius, Pecola's grandfather, a famous archeologist and adventurer, is raising the inquisitive Pecola and tries his best to keep him from causing too much trouble, but he knows he can only do so much. Despite causing an occasional disaster, the whole community of Cube Town is

Actors: Mr. T, Sherri Shepherd, Austin Di Iulio, Noel McNeal, Wally Wingert, Geoffrey Holder, Joshua Seth, Tom Kenny, Charlie Adler, Mel Blanc, Thea White, Stephanie Beard, Jane Alan, Andrew Koeing, Russel Horton, Dave Wittenberg, Tyler Bunch, Traci Paige Johnson, Jim Conroy, Mi
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Season 2
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