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A sparkling fly-on-the-wall documentary spoof, ostensibly covering a police action code-named 'Operation Good Guys'. The head of operations, DI Beach, has hand-picked his task squad from across the board, the team including his long-term sidekick DS Ash; armed-response expert Sgt de Sade; undercover drugs-squad man 'Bones'; deep undercover officer Gary Barwick; another undercover man, the 1960s-throwback and would-be rock musician 'Strings'; and naive new recruit Mark Kemp, who just happens to be the Commissioner's nephew. Beach has permitted a documentary unit to film every step of the operation, surmising that the successful outcome of the venture will reflect well upon him.

Actors: Roy Smiles, Hugo Blick, Dominic Anciano, William Scully, Mark Burdis, John Beckett, Perry Benson, Gary Beadle, Kim Taylforth, Ray Burdis, David Gillespie
Season 1
    Episode 4: Holiday  
    Episode 6: Open Day  
Season 2
    Episode 2: Stardust  
Season 3
    Episode 2: Castaway  
    Episode 5: Jubilee  
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