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What is Simon and Simon about?
Simon & Simon is a show based on TWO BROTHERS who just happen to be Private Investigators. They live and work in San Diego where once a week, for eight seasons, the series revealed the loyality and love they had for one another, "they're more than brothers, they're best of friends."

Actors: Jeannie Wilson, Gerald McRaney, Jameson Parker, Joan McMurtrey, Mary Carver, Tim Reid
Genre: Drama
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Season 1 of Simon and Simon

Season 2 of Simon and Simon

Season 3 of Simon and Simon

    Episode 2: DJ DOA  
    Episode 4: Bail Out  

Season 4 of Simon and Simon

    Episode 18: Slither  

Season 5 of Simon and Simon

    Episode 11: Facets  

Season 6 of Simon and Simon

    Episode 2: A.W.O.L  
    Episode 5: Treasure  

Season 7 of Simon and Simon

    Episode 4: Shadows  

Season 8 of Simon and Simon

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