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This was a sketch comedy show for young adults that was very popular in the 1980s. It started in 1979 as a (partially) live, local show in Ottawa, Canada, with comedy, music videos (or musical guests), and local, phone-in contests. After two seasons (the latter of which was later edited into the new format when shown nationally and internationally), the show's format changed to a half hour sketch comedy. It retained this format for the rest of its 11 year run. This show had a huge impact. It was picked up in 1981 by the fledgeling US network Nickelodeon, which had only gone national a year earlier. This was the network's first big show and made the network what it is today. YCDTOTV became one of the most popular kids shows of the decade and featured a rotating cast of very talented actors and actresses. It was a very funny program that featured alot of humor that was not only aimed at kids, but at adults as well. The show gave us many great catch phrases, and memorable characters as B

Actors: Vik Sahay, Les Lye, Alasdair Gillis, Alanis Morissette, Doug Ptolemy, Vanessa Lindores, Kevin Kubusheskie, Darryl Lucas, Robin Marpack, Luke McKeehan, Deidre McIsaac, Pauline Kerr, Martin Kerr, David Halpin, Brad Hampson, Mike Hora, Bradfield Wiltse, Cindy Kennedy, Adam
Genre: Comedy
Season 1
Season 2
    Episode 4: Dating  
    Episode 5: Fitness  
    Episode 9: Smoking  
    Episode 11: Drugs  
Season 3
    Episode 6: Rip-Offs  
    Episode 7: Bullying  
    Episode 10: Sports  
    Episode 11: Heroes  
Season 4
    Episode 1: Pets  
    Episode 4: Medicine  
    Episode 6: Media  
    Episode 8: Nature  
    Episode 9: Cooking  
    Episode 11: Rumors  
    Episode 12: Fame  
Season 5
    Episode 1: Friends  
    Episode 3: Hobbies  
    Episode 4: History  
    Episode 5: Courage  
    Episode 10: Moving  
    Episode 13: Clubs  
    Episode 19: War  
    Episode 20: Science  
    Episode 21: Divorce  
    Episode 26: Wealth  
Season 6
    Episode 6: Revenge  
    Episode 10: Movies  
Season 7
    Episode 4: Parties  
    Episode 5: Garbage  
    Episode 7: Country  
    Episode 9: Illness  
    Episode 11: Savings  
    Episode 15: Luck  
    Episode 17: Sleep  
    Episode 18: Home  
Season 8
    Episode 2: Adoption  
    Episode 5: Smells  
Season 9
    Episode 1: Choice  
    Episode 2: Chores  
    Episode 4: Fitness  
    Episode 7: Security  
    Episode 9: Fantasy  
    Episode 10: Time  
    Episode 13: Beliefs  
    Episode 14: Age  
    Episode 15: Excess  
    Episode 16: Cool  
    Episode 17: Lost  
    Episode 18: Failure  
    Episode 21: Effort  
    Episode 22: Sports  
    Episode 23: Smoking  
Season 10
    Episode 1: Blame  
    Episode 2: Secrets  
    Episode 3: Learning  
Season 11
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