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E-Street follows the lives, loves, losses & triumphs of the various citizens of the fictional suburb of Westside of Sydney, Australia. At first the show was predictable and boring, standard fare by Channel 10 to compete with Home & Away but Channel 10 had faith and, in a bid to increase ratings, killed off perennial favorite, Sarah McKillop in a shock murder. Soon After, the Soap regained viewers by serialising the drama. Then with the arrival of Sonny Bennett in 1990 began a 3 Year High for the Australian Production, helping to encourage Young Talent (Toni Pearan & Melissa Bell to name just a couple) and really introducing the term "Plot Twist" to Australian Dramas (Werewolves and 3 Main Characters Being Blown Up In Their Car). So Sit back (Maybe not at 4am in the morning!) and relax with the Highs & Lows, Highlights & Tragedies, Comings & Goings of E-Street!

Actors: Virginia Hey, Trent Newman, Warren Jones, Katrina Sedgwick, Cecily Polson, Chris Orchard, Emma Scanlon, Lizbeth Kennely, Bunney Brooke, Toni Pearen, Tony Martin, Bruce Samazan, Rebecca Saunders, Adrian Lee, Kelley Abbey, Leslie Dayman, Penny Cook, Malcolm Kennard,
Season 1
    Episode 4: Unknown  
    Episode 5: Reunions  
    Episode 6: Unknown  
    Episode 10: Unknown  
Season 2
    Episode 2: Unknown  
    Episode 3: Unknown  
    Episode 4: Unknown  
    Episode 5: End-Game  
Season 3
    Episode 1: E-Daze  
    Episode 3: Fusion  
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