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Welcome to the Whew! guide at TV Tome. "Close calls! Narrow escapes! Split-second decisions! And $25,000 in cash! A combination guaranteed to make you say... Whew! That's the exclamation many contestants and viewers likely heard themselves uttering when watching this fast-paced game show, where strategy often dictated how well contestants did moreso than finding mistakes in the writer's statements. Not that the writers were bumbling idiots, of course, but that'll be explained in a bit. Two contestants, including a returning champion, competed in this show, which lasted 14 months on CBS (which, BTW, was Match Game 79's successor). The object was to correct "bloopers" (mistakes in the writers' statements, always underlined) on the gameboard within a 60-second time limit, while avoiding time-penalty "blocks" placed on the board by his/her opponent. An example of a "blooper": "Elmer Fudd is the host of The Tonight Show." (correct answer: Johnny Carson). The ga
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