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What is Press Your Luck about?
Press Your Luck originally aired on September 19, 1983 and ended on September 26, 1986. Press Your Luck is a game show where 3 players answer trivia questions to earn spins on the big board. A correct buzz-in answer gets you 3 spins, while a correct multiple-choice answer gets you 1 spin. After the questions, the players take their spins to the big board which is loaded with cash and prizes, but also some whammies. Hit a whammy and he'll grab all your cash and leave you flat broke. Hit 4 of them, you'll be out of the game. Round 2 works the same way, except higher cash prizes on the board.

Actors: Peter Tomarken, Rod Roddy, Michael Larson, John Harlan, Savage Steve Holland, Charlie O'Donnell

Season 1 of Press Your Luck

Season 3 of Press Your Luck

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